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Here is what customers are saying about Teddy Mountain Direct™!

My Day with Prince Charles by Sarah Hillier

Hi, this is my true story of how I meet and what Prince Charles was like when meet him!

I went with the Princes Trust on the 12/11/12 for a 4 day business course, then had a £250.00 will it work grant to see if my business idea could be a good idea to make trade.  It took me around 3 months to find they right, perfect supplier and I just found that Teddy Mountain I could not believe my eyes once I found their wholesale site really gobsmacked to be honest. I then rang Tina and Tina was very helpfull to tell me what will sell what products to go for and done my order ASAP and next day delivery it was to good to be true, so I was worried if the teddy bear skins wasn't really good quality as I couldent see it!  But the worry was over the very next day, my Order had came I was so excited (like a school girl at Christmas time lol) I could not believe in the quality of the bears theyre so soft, cuddly, safe, just gobsmaked! I know I would do really well with these so I traded for one week, one week before christmas 15/12/2012 and sold the lot. I believe in my product, that what you need to become such a good business person if you don't have that then there's no point into going through it so without Teddy Mountain as my perfect supplier then I properly would not be able to open my business.  So, because the Princes Trust know I have good quality and great business ideas my mentor rang me 2 months ago saying because of my life story what I have gone through from broken childhood to where I am now I am inviting you to our opening day and got a special guest that what's to see you and talk about your business.  I dident know what to say. I thought it was prank call and said well who is that then Toni Andrews my mentor said well the man who funds this charity - Prince Charles! I said shut up!shut up! No way not Prince Charles but why me? She said to go through what you have and where you are now! Bubbley, honest, great ideas never giving up! You are a true business women and he loves your story and your business so I have just one month to get ready.  I felt scared what if he didn't like me, what if I do something wrong, just over running my mind!

So the day came 03/07/2013 my nerves on ege I choosen to wear a black dress and cardigan, I was greeted by my mentor making me a coffee coz I was shaking not everyday you get this opportunity, so I thought to myself but urself together I turned up around 9.30am there was 2 other business there one names mom nom proper welsh chocolate witch he had a loan one year from the Princes Trust and the other was a learning music, then me so by 11:30 the police was there, bodyguards was there, the photographer, His Royal Highness camera crew, BBC camera crew so my heart was by then going over time!  So here he comes!  He went to the nom nom chocolate man first as that's the way the tables were set out then it was my turn so I curtsy and said your Royal Highness and he said so this is your business products then as I took most of my stock with me! I said yes, he said so what is your name and what do you do? I said my name is Sarah Hillier my business name is custom ur own teddy based in pontypool indoor market business is all about making and creating your very own teddys they are not thought of just cuddling up to bed at night these days! Once the child makes their bear they then add a outfit like fire outfits, fairy, police to get the children off the ds and computers and get a positive role play imagination so they can keep fit by playing with them education without the children knowing there doing it the fun way! Rather eating crips, and sat on the seaty playing with there computers.  Prince Charles said what a really great idea I believe that the children these days should be out more I believe this is a great way of doing it! So then he said where do you get your products and who is your supplier? I answered Teddy Mountain! I recommend them to anyone! Great quality as you can see! They are helpfull and have a great communication took me 3 months to find the perfect supplier they are based in USA and also UK that's when I contacted Tina and help me in getting the right stock for my business.  I Order my stock before 11am then they ship it out the next day! He said its always good to have a great supplier that you believe in and I said I do 100 percent!  Then Prince Charles asked what I had in my arms. I said I have a teddy bear already made for your royal baby once your granchild is born.  It's a baby brown patch bear dressed in a British army uniform.  

Prince Charles had then taken the teddy bear off me the room went silent!

My month was open! and he then said my 2 sons will love this bear! I said don't forget it's for your granchild once the royal baby is born.  He laughed we had spoken for 30mins.  He then went to the other man with his business he only spoken to the town men for a 5mins so when prince Charles left the room everyone crowed me. I felt really famous and didn't understand why they were doing it only to realize that Prince Charles never takes the gift off any one for security reasons.  But not only did he take it off me he actually walked off with it too!!!  Everyone was saying omg what is he like I said you will have to give me 5 mins to come around as am overwhelm by all of this then his Royal Highness Webb camera lady came to me and said I want you to be the main story can you tell me what he said and what is he like so I can make the video on his Royal Highness website. I was ok sure so I did that then had to go to the entrance of the building for Prince Charles to cut the ribbon and announce the opening day.  Before he left he said good luck Sarah your teddy bear will go to a good home best wishes!  I was right at the back and everyone turned at me I just could not believe it I thought I got to wake up I must be dreaming but I wasn't !  So I will remember that day for the rest of my life! I got to be on TV one the news bbcone Wales, website, all papers everywhere nearly! I have the photo of me and Prince Charles on my stall blown up and nobody can believe that I had meet him I also had a letter of his Royal Highness from Buckingham Palace saying thanks for your very special teddy bear gift it will go to a good home and home you stick to your same supplier as your teddy bear if fantastic!  Good luck for your future business and best of love to your family.  Yet again gobsmaked!

So that there is my story!  I am so sorry that it's so long but better to word to word it rather half the story lol I will allways stay with my supplier and thank you to Tina and everyone else at Teddy Mountain thank you! As you are most part of my business to help it become successfully thank you xx plus I was awarded best business idea for the past 30years of the Prince Trust since they opens and had a grant off them to help get me my full order with Teddy Mountain of £600 as my set up grant.

-  Congratulations Sarah from all of us at Teddy Mountain!  You and the Furry Brown Bear had quite a day!  You are a fantastic role model and this is a wonderful story!  We are glad that this little bear will now find his forever home and you made it all possible! (perhaps with baby Prince George! or Harry!)


1st off I received my order yesterday......I am thrilled with Teddy Mountain products! I felt like a kid at Xmas opening presents. I have a few favorites, already & will be taking advantage of the WEEKLY SPECIALS!
A BIG MAHALO TO Teddy Mountain Direct!!!
Debra Ray
Maui Stuffed Animal Shelter

Hi Teddy Mountain Direct,
Thanks so much for the fantastic service. You guys never disappoint! So glad I found you to work with :o)
Kind Regards,

Hi guys!
I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am with the order I recently placed. Not only did it arrive within a ridiculously short period of time, the quality of your product is FAR superior to anywhere else I've ordered. And, they are so cute!
Looking forward to my next order…
Melissa Vaughan

Anonymous Feedback . . .

"the quality has been first class"
"The designs are gorgeous, you insisted I take a sample of the new lamb, and you where right as usual, completely sold out. We where also surprised by the frog, kids loved it. The Husky and new labs are great."
"Feedback in general from our regular customers has been totally positive, and the girls have been making a point of asking the customers of what they think, Plush has been well received!"
The bear stuffing biz is going strong, especially at the resorts the guest and kids LOVE it. I always get the compliment this is BETTER than "BAB" . TM animals is all I carry now!"