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Software Solutions

Looking for a "Picture" Certificate maker for Adoption? How about a fully customized cash register system? Well look no further!

Point of sale & centralized dashboard for Retail Licensees


Franchise-wide product line

Chain-wide product line

Store owners can employ our easy-to-use point of sale (POS), which is tightly integrated with FranchiseBlast, to make sales from stores. Our point of sale solution enables you to make sales, use loyalty programs and manage event bookings (parties, classes, etc.) Everything is configured and optimized perfectly to fit your stores’ operations. The point of sale operates on hardware deployed in each physical location, allowing stores to operate even if the internet goes down, and automatically backs up the data to FranchiseBlast on a daily basis. Your data is protected against hardware failure, theft and nature disasters.

FranchiseBlast is used to make any price changes and the point of sale can automatically sell any new products added to the franchise-wide product line by the franchisor. The point of sale home page shows the current franchise news and support requests sent from within the POS are stored in FranchiseBlast. The point of sale can even be integrated with the FranchiseBlast marketplace, streamlining the supply chain and simplifying how you receive new stock in inventory.



CertificateBlast for Adoption Certificate creation


Stuff your bear stores worldwide have recoginized our software as being the best in the industry.  One part of this integrated package is CertificateBlast, which allows children to create birth certifacates for their newborn stuffed animals.


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