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Our Partners

Our Partners

LavaBlast Software
Since our creation, LavaBlast Software has been a tremendous partner to Teddy Mountain.  We use LavaBlast's software to manage our websites and warehouses and Teddy Mountain Direct's customers use their point of sale and birth certificate creator. Because everything is integrated, we've kept our operational costs low and can pass the savings on to you!



Unique is a tremendous partner providing Visual Marketing services for Teddy Mountain. Unique provides Retail Marketing, Advertising, and Graphical expertise in our every growing chain of Licensed Store outlets around the world. Their visual and technical talent is matched by their understanding of the Retail business environment and customer needs. Unique provides expert services for a variety of our advertising campaigns and events in various language, currency, and custom venues Teddy Mountain Stores and it's Master Partners.



Go China Direct
China Direct has been very helpful in the setup of our supply chain and sourcing procedures in China.  Utilizing China Direct allows us to offer customer direct shipping services of Teddy Mountain® products, including full containers or smaller LTL shipments, direct from our warehouse facilities in China.  This proves to be highly beneficial for our valued customers in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, due to geographical logistics and shipping costs associated with ordering from our North American or European warehouses.  China Direct is also utilized by our larger Master customers who are interested in full container loads direct to door.  For the best procurement and pricing, "Contact Us" at Teddy Mountain Direct™ to arrange your next shipment, China Direct!