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Teddy Mountain Direct has everything you need to start your own teddy bear store!


Teddy Mountain Licensing

Teddy Mountain® is the global leading provider of "Build-your-own Teddy Bear" Licensed Store and Kiosk systems!   We specialize in turn-key business systems for FEC, special event, kiosk, and stores in enclosed malls, strip malls, and factory outlets.

Teddy Mountain® Licensed Stores provides many advantages in terms of brand promotion, marketing, and advertising.  With over 100 themed animal friends to choose from, in a wide variety of fabrics, shapes, and sizes, along with our customizable 3D Thematic Retail Environment, it's no wonder Teddy Mountain® leads the industry in global turn-key industry Store solutions!

Teddy Mountain® combines Awe-inspiring 3D Retail Display Fixtures with an integrated and interactive software solution to produce an unmatched customer experience! Tailor-made for the teddy bear stuffing business, the easy to use software driving the kiosk and point of sale reduce training expenses while still enabling the licensee to monitor the store's activity from home.

Teddy Mountain® has spent many, many years of expert resource time and investment vetting out their store designs and business systems for maximum customer interactive entertainment and impact!  No project is too large or too small for you to consider Teddy Mountain® as an option for your Retail Location.  We are very easy to work with.  We do many co-branding "Store in Store" setups, from the very simple to the very large.  We do FEC locations, Special Event setups, to full kiosk or in-line Store locations.  We have very simple licensed arrangements for those who want a quick, professional, cost effective business setup.


Store Request Form

Interested? Don't hesitate to fill out our Teddy Mountain® Store Information Request Form!  We'll be glad to give you more information on our licensed offerings and the teddy bear stuffing business in general!