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About Us

This page explains who we are at Teddy Mountain Direct, and why we are best known for having "The Softest Plush on the Planet!"




Why Teddy Mountain Direct™?

We are the premium worldwide wholesale product providers in the "build your own bear" teddy bear stuffing industry, for independent, corporate, and entertainment business owners. We have offices in four countries, five distribution centers on three continents, and customers around the world.

We continually challenge ourselves to lower manufacturing and logistics costs and reflect this in our value proposition to our customers. At Teddy Mountain Direct™, we accomplish this by our commitment to;


  • ServiceWe are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Our staff is professionally trained and has provided Support Services for 1000’s of locations, and many Companies. Our Service Level commitments are realized by eliminating needless redundant processes and errors through the use of technology, automation, and efficient execution for our customers.
  • ValueOnce the lease is signed, store owners really only have two major controllable expenses - product costs and payroll. Therefore, we offer China Direct costing, and web based efficient services. There is no profit in paying for excessive logistics, warehousing, or order/delivery inefficiencies, so we brought this in-house, streamlined & automated, and the end result is – greater profit potential for our customers!
  • QualityThis is assumed by the customer, but many can’t deliver. We can deliver as we own the end-to-end services required to be able to deliver. Quality and Safety are really the two most important differentiators we have to offer our customers.
  • DiversityStores and store owners are in business to make a profit. Your business can not be one-dimensional and only sell teddy bears. Therefore, we offer related sale item opportunities at China Direct costs.


At Teddy Mountain Direct™ we are fully integrated in terms of design, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and in-store retail technologies. We own our own manufacturing facilities & distribution centers, staff our own designers, and manage all logistics, including China Direct.

At Teddy Mountain Direct™, our value proposition is to provide our customers with their unique selling proposition opportunities!

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