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Welcome to Teddy Mountain Direct™: Wholesale Teddy Bears!

Teddy Mountain Direct™ is a premium supplier of wholesale products in the "unstuffed" build your own bear business.  Teddy Mountain Direct™ supplies business owners with quality unstuffed plush teddy bears, teddy bear clothes, teddy bear accessories, stuffing machines, fiberfill, retail software, and retail fixtures!

What's new at Teddy Mountain Direct? 

New Store Openings:  Teddy Mountain® Locations!

Teddy Mountain® Stores that have recently opened / are opening soon!

•Teddy Mountain Guatemala City, Guatemala (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Alvor, Portugal (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Mexico City, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Weedsport, New York, USA (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Saudi Arabia (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Chiapas, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Kyrenia, Cyprus (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Westport, Ireland (NOW OPEN! )
•Teddy Mountain Rome, Italy (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Queretaro, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Cuernavaca, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Cork, Ireland (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Toronto, Canada, Kids Fun City (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Oaxaca, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Veracruz, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)
•Teddy Mountain Tlalpan, Paseo Aculpa, Mexico (NOW OPEN!)